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James: Now, you know that new law about kids under four foot five, they have to use booster seats in the car?

Jeremy: [pointing at Richard] He does.

Richard: Yes, all right. I just knew...

James: All right. People under four foot five have to use a booster seat in the car. Well, in North Yorkshire, the police say they cannot enforce that law, and d'you know why? They do not have the - [breaks up giggling] They do not have the legal - [breaks up giggling again]

Jeremy: I can't wait for this now. The legal... ?

James: Because they do not have - the legal right - to me-measure children!

Richard: Just measure them?

James: So if you see a policeman measuring your children, you think, "Quick, call the - oh."

Richard: So they'll have to do what they usually do, then, and just put up some new sort of camera by the road, to monitor children in cars and make sure they -

Jeremy: No, no, no, you can't video children. You ever been to a school sports day? You have to ask every parent there before you're allowed to take the camera out of the boot.

Richard: Well, go to your own kids' sports day

Me, though; I’m a lost cause. It doesn’t matter how much James stands over my shoulder soothingly explaining that I look great - “very sexy” - in a pink Hermes tie, I will not buy it because I have a tie already. I also have some cuff links, some shortbread and a watch. And I do not need a currency converter because I have a head instead.

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Jeremy accepting his Special Recognition award at the National Television awards in 2007.

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